tree trimming in North Shore

Why Winter Is Generally The Best Season To Trim Your Trees

Trees require regular maintenance in order to keep them disease free and looking good.

If you have dead or dying branches on any of your trees, it is best to have them trimmed as soon as possible. But if you’re looking at ensuring your garden is in tip-top condition by investing in professional tree trimming services in North Shore, the best time of the year to employ this service is undoubtedly in the winter months.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the reasons why it’s best to trim your trees in winter.

Your Trees Recover Faster In Winter

Trimming can be traumatic for certain trees, and open ‘wounds’ can be susceptible to infection and disease. However, these risks are significantly reduced during the cold winter months.

Your Trees Don’t Require As Much Energy As Usual

Most trees are in what is known as a ‘dormant’ phase during winter. This is where a tree draws on its reserves, and leaves and branches do not require as many resources as they do in other seasons. Therefore, this is a good time to trim, as you can expect new growth when spring rolls around.

It’s Easier To Identify Issues

With most leaves having fallen off your trees’ branches during winter, it is easier to identify any issues and diseases that your tree may be experiencing. It will be clear and easy to see which branches need the chop.

tree trimming in North Shore

Winter Is Outside Of Birds’ Breeding Season

Birds usually breed and nest during summer and spring, and oftentimes birds could be using trees in your garden for these activities. So choosing to have your trees pruned in winter means that you’ll be causing as little disruption to birdlife as possible.

Call An Expert To Assist With Your Tree Trimming In The North Shore

When it comes to tree trimming in North Shore, no matter the season, it is always best to invest in the services of a professional arborist. Taking on the task of tree trimming on your own can be dangerous and difficult. This is a task that should definitely be handled by experts.

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