PET bottle recycling, a great initiative for better environment!

If you are a guy with an empty bottle in hand and walking down the street and planning to just throw it away instead of putting it into some designated recycle bin thinking that this is just one bottle. This is not going to be the end of the world if I just throw it away in the general trash that will finally be sent to a landfill. Then this is a very negative approach. To get the things rectified we have to take the initiative on the individual level. And this would certainly make a difference. The most emerging solution for the environmental solutions and also to a great extent for the waste management as well is the recycling. This could sound like something quite tiny but believe me this has got some ultimate major effects that can literally change the world.

Plastic made objects and especially the plastic bottles are the biggest part of the trash that we are generating annually. According to the estimates of EPA the mere bottle contribution in the solid waste is as much as 12 % of the total which is certainly an alarming situation. So there is a lot that we can do with these very plastic bottles to savage. These plastic bottles are mostly made from the polyethylene terephthalate or PET. This is pretty easy to recycle this kind of waste material and turn it into the re-usable material. When a PET bottle is recycled this is actually sent to a facility where it is ground down into flakes, cleaned, melted by heating and then ultimately turned into small pallets that are used worldwide in making multiple plastic objects. So this actually becomes the raw material again that can be used again. But in the other case when a PET bottle is not recycled and is dumped into the landfills, this never gets dissolved at least in a lifetime as this is not biodegradable. So it just keeps capturing the space and letting material just sit there.

So there is something that we can contribute with at the personal or individual level. We can at least dump the PET bottles in the recycle bin so that this is ultimately recycle and not dumped into the common trash going to the landfills.

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Initiative: Wildark Mark Hutchinson
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