arborist in North Shore

How An Arborist Can Help You

Hearing that your garden needs tree removal services can make you feel overwhelmed. The expectation is that the costs of such services are exorbitant and unnecessary. And many homeowners will try to delay paying for these services until it is too late to avoid them. However, using a professional arborist in North Shore can benefit you in several ways.

In this article, we explore what we can offer your trees and, ultimately, your garden’s health.

Removal Of Trees

This popular service involves more than simple tree removal from your property. An arborist’s job is to analyse the health and condition of the tree before removal. If the tree is decaying, pruning certain parts off can help to save it and keep it alive in your garden. If you are removing a tree due to any other reasons, it involves precise extraction and expert execution that will not disturb the rest of its surroundings.

Assessing Trees

Trees that are struggling to grow well may need some help. An arborist can look at the neighbouring tree soil and determine what could be impacting its growth. This process can also provide time to search for any infections that could be stuttering the tree’s growth. Once an arborist has determined what’s causing your tree’s problems, we can help you revive it successfully.

arborist in North Shore

Relocation Of Trees

Moving fully grown trees around a garden is a little more complex than one may think. Depending on how old a tree is, it can be a tedious process that can eventually lead to decay if done haphazardly. But an arborist can skillfully determine how to extract a tree with minimal stress to its root systems. We can also advise you on where your tree will grow well and how to support it in its new spot.

Seasonal changes can impact the health of your garden and, in particular, your trees. That combined with extreme weather patterns as a result of climate change, our gardens have become extremely susceptible. And poorly maintained outdoor spaces can lead to decay and rot.

Calling out an arborist in North Shore can help you deter possible issues, assess the condition of your and help you revive a tree. Give us a call today to see how we can support your garden’s needs. At Hort Culture, we provide expert advice, use industry-standard techniques and can offer you a highly-qualified team to get your garden green again.